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Day 34: Sea Ranch to Bodega Bay, CA


Day 34: Sea Ranch to Bodega Bay, CA

Miles: 41

What I rode by: cliffs

Early on in the day, the traffic was such that I felt safer riding into a bush on the side of the road.

As we travel down the coast, the total feet of climbing per day has generally increased. In Washington, we climbed about 2,000 feet per day. As we got to the southern end of Oregon, that approached 3,000 feet per day. (If any of you are into math, these numbers aren’t normalized to the number of miles we rode per day.) Today’s ride was 3,200 feet of climbing along some precipitous cliffs, the steepest and highest so far. We camped at the Bodega Bay State Park, where the hiker-biker campsite was visited by raccoons and skunks during the night.

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