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Day 33: Rest day in Sea Ranch


Day 33: Rest day in Sea Ranch

We had another rest day today at Steve and Katie’s house in Sea Ranch. It was great to see them, spend time with their cats, and run about with Steve. Their house overlooks the little Sea Ranch airstrip. We witnessed a plane take off right over a car, which was parked at the end of the runway. That’s against the rules.

Here’s our day in pictures.

Sea Ranch is known for its distinctive architecture. We stayed in the guest house on the right. Note bike flags on porch.

We used their outdoor shower. Kristen had been looking forward to this our whole trip.

The parent swoops in to feed five hungry mouths. These baby swallows will be flying to South America at the end of the summer.

We went to the Sea Ranch garden to pick vegetables for dinner (and ate blackberries while we were there).

Steve and Katie have two cats (Meg and Sarah). I played a lot with Meg. Kristen and I even tossed her up and down on our blanket. She likes us.

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  1. Ruta permalink
    2011/08/09 19:10

    Hello! I got your message. It’s my first week at the new job so I won’t be able to join you on your last leg. Can’t wait to see you!


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