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Day 35: Bodega Bay to Samuel P. Taylor State Park (north of SF)


Day 35: Bodega Bay to Samuel P. Taylor State Park (north of SF)

Miles: 43

What I rode by: blowing bay leaves

When I was in grad school at Purdue, I remember walking in front of the Electrical Engineering building one breezy autumn day. The leaves were blowing at my feet such that, as I walked, they just tumbled next to me at the same pace. A similar thing happened today. It was near the end of our day on a bike path. As I rode over the California Bay Laurel leaves that had fallen on the path, my bike created its own tailwind that picked up the leaves and carried them with me for a short while.

Compared to yesterday, today’s ride was flat. There were a handful of fellow touring cyclists at the campground; the last three to roll in were the Aussies! We hadn’t seen them since the Leggett Hill day.

The San Andreas fault runs the length of Tamales Bay

There were pigs all over this watering hole.

I picked up a bundle of firewood at the campground.

If our tent had a skylight, this would have been the view.

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