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Day 20: sunshine!


Day 20: Charleston to Humbug Mountain State Park (south of Port Orford, OR)

Miles: 56

What I rode by: The headwinds and rain. Bald eagle sculpture made out of beach trash. Logging.

We finally had typical Oregon coast weather today: sunshine and 15 knot NNW winds! You could actually see the coastline. Up until now it had been like riding in a tunnel. Sunshine and tailwinds always make cyclists happy.

As of today, I can say I have a favorite road on our Pacific Coast bike trip: Whiskey Run Lane, between the towns of Charleston and Bandon, OR. It is a 2.5 mile stretch along a ridge that was perfectly rolly, empty of cars, and lined with trees (except the ones being cut down). Quite lovely.

Later in the day we came across a non-profit art studio that uses found objects from beaches (i.e., trash) for their sculptures. They had an impressive bald eagle out front and piles of sorted beach debris all over the property.

Because it was sunny, you get lots of pictures today. BTW, if you weren’t keeping track, that was seven days of rain.

Beautiful view.

Look down for tires.

My new favorite road.

Logging road.

Those wings are made out of old sandals. Children, hang on to your footwear! We refer to the women in the picture as the "white buckets".

Eagle's chest, up close.

Found beach rope.

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  1. Robert permalink
    2011/07/26 17:31

    The greens are brilliant. Tires appear to be a theme around Humbug.

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