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Day 21: Port Orford to Brookings, OR


Day 21: Port Orford to Brookings, OR

Miles: 50

What I rode by: Newly paved stretch of Hwy 101 with two lanes closed to traffic but open to cyclists

This was our last day with Kristen’s dad and our second day of sun and tailwinds in Oregon. We had a big climb on a stretch of 101 where they were painting lines on the newly paved road surface. Because of this, it was a one-lane road for cars and the cyclists had the remaining two lanes to themselves (plus the painting vehicles). Considering this was a 2 mile climb, it was a nice break from traffic.

We camped at Harris Beach State Park where we finally met “the family”. We had been hearing about them for over a week: a husband and a wife, each towing a trailer and each trailer holding two kids, going around the world! We finally met them at the campground. They have a humungous, circus-like tent and generally ride 30 miles a day. Anything more and the children get fussy. They started in Vancouver BC (about a month before us), are riding to San Francisco, hopping on a plane to Guatemala, and then continuing down to Chile and beyond. How cool is that?

Nature sculpts trees with an effect known as wind shearing.

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