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Day 19: Winchester Bay to Charleston, OR


Day 19: Winchester Bay to Charleston, OR

Miles: 30

What I rode by: rain and more rain

Another day with Kristen’s dad, Gary, and no gear on our bikes. The day started off with more rain and we got splattered with all kinds of road grime from big trucks driving by. One reason all cars and trucks should be required to have mud flaps is to keep cyclists just a little cleaner on the side of Hwy 101.

We met another cyclist, Lorna, who is riding the Oregon coast. We walked over the North Bend bridge with her (cyclists aren’t supposed to ride over the mile long bridge which is under construction). Upon reaching Charleston for a late lunch (I ordered two meals as I commonly do these days) we decided to stop for the night and in a motel no less. We then drove around sightseeing in Gary’s car, which felt very stuffy and seemed to get us places amazingly fast.

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