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Day 11: Cathlamet, WA to Astoria, OR


Day 11: Cathlamet, WA to Astoria, OR

Miles: 32

What I rode by: the Columbia River, the ability to keep track of time

Our day started with a 10-minute ferry ride across the Columbia River to Westport, OR. We took this ferry (and this route) for two reasons: to visit our friends in Washington and to avoid the Astoria bridge. This bridge connects Washington and Oregon at the mouth of the Columbia River, is over four miles long, climbs up from both sides, has metal grating and no bike lane. Every cyclist we heard from who has ridden over it says it was the scariest part of their trip. One guy said he just wanted to curl up into a fetal position in the middle. So, we went this way and took the ferry. After that, it was a long climb, lunch with another breve, and a rolly ride into Astoria.

Ferry captain

Our bikes on the ferry


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