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Day 10: Castle Rock to Cathlamet, WA


Day 10: Castle Rock to Cathlamet, WA

Miles: 42

What I rode by: yard sales, metal tines of a leaf rake, various car parts, the last of the Cascades

We had strong headwinds today as we rode west along the Columbia River. Kristen’s feet got so hot they almost exploded (her words). We stayed in a charming little campground at the marina in Cathlamet.

For the second time on our trip a fellow camper (Jim, his son Lance, and uncle Dean) stopped by to tell us he saw us on the road today. The first time was the first night in Birch Bay. Someone there said he saw us at the border crossing and we made good time to the campground. Jim has done a lot bike racing and offered us anything we needed. We got to share s’mores and gin and tonics (in bike bottles) around their campfire, and a couple of bananas for the road the next morning.

We're offsetting our carbon footprint by charging batteries on sunny days.

The choices were slim at the nearby gas station. I MacGyvered my pots to make a pizza oven.

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  1. Laura Pickering permalink
    2011/07/15 06:43

    Yummy! Sounds like an awesome trip so far. Can’t wait to see you at the beach house just north of Fort Bragg!

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