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Day 9: Rochester to Castle Rock, WA


Day 9: Rochester to Castle Rock, WA

Miles: 48

What I rode by: 16% downgrade, a dog rolling on its back in the grass, weak women?, tractor tires

Where to start? Today was a lovely day of riding. Early on, some guy driving around the country roads of Washington slowly drove by asking us if we had found his blue change purse. His bike was on the back of his car and he must have lost it on his ride. We found it about an hour later but he was nowhere to be found. So, if you know of anyone in Washington looking for a blue change purse, have him contact me and I’ll tell him where we hid it. We had no desire to take it with us because it was filled with heavy coins.

We found your change purse!

We rode by a lot of dogs today. One of them was rolling back and forth on his back in the middle of the grass. Happy dog. Later in the day, we came across a curious advertisement for an amazing prescription to cure weak women. Hmmm, that’s not us and here’s a picture of me stacking tires to prove it. That one goes out to my pals at Gymnazo.

Weak women my ass.

See, strong from flipping tires at Gymnazo!

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  1. Arnold Pears permalink
    2011/07/19 14:34

    Amazing that you actually found the purse. Pity it happened in the wrong order.
    Hope the ride continues to be fun.


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