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Day 42: San Simeon State Park to HOME!


Day 42: San Simeon State Park to HOME!

Miles: 30

What I rode by: golden eagle


It was just a short ride home today from San Simeon over familiar roads. The hills we always thought were steep felt gentle compared to what we’ve ridden through Big Sur. We had a couple friends meet us at the big Los Osos sign to take an end-of-the-journey photo.


Some trip statistics:

Total miles: ~1,389

Total ascent: 65,164 feet*

Calories burned while riding: 47,951*

Animal sightings: gray whale+, dolphins, sea lion, sea otter, elk, deer, zebra, fox, raccoon, skunk, squirrels, California condor, bald eagle, golden eagle, osprey, baby swallows

Flat tires: 1 between the two of us (plus a broken spoke)

Number of zip-ties on my bike: 5 (3 to attach my Binners Market flag, 2 for my fender)

Pieces of duct tape on my bike: 3 (all holding parts of my fender together; it just couldn’t handle road vibration)

Favorite meal: Cascade potato cheese soup and a grilled fish sandwich at the Rising Star Café in Wheeler, OR


* Plus whatever didn’t get recorded on the 3 days my Garmin bike computer wasn’t working.

+ The gray whale in the Klamath River died on August 16, 2011.

This sign is less than a mile from our house.

Our dog Laila was happy to see us. The cat wasn't so happy to see her.

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  1. Faith & Mark permalink
    2011/08/19 05:51

    Congratulations Lynne & Kristen on finishing your adventure. I enjoyed being a part of it as I sipped my wine while reading your blog.
    Thanks for sharing. Great effort & great memories to last a lifetime.

  2. Nancy Hair permalink
    2011/08/24 09:02

    Wow. So glad u r home safe. Really fun reading ur blogs, thanks for including us.

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