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Day 31: Westport to Manchester State Beach Park


Day 31: Westport to Manchester State Beach Park

Miles: 49

What I rode by: amazing coffee in Mendocino

Today’s ride was a bit hilly. California coastline hills are different than Oregon hills. They are more frequent, shorter, and steeper. They add up over the day. We had a lot of little hills today, a notable one just after the town of Elk (where we had great pea soup). It was also where Laura caught up to us. She decided to drive down the coast to take pictures on her way home. When Kristen and I are on the road, whoever is in back tells the person in front a car is coming by saying “car back”. Just after Elk, Kristen said “car back” but this car didn’t pass us. It was just hanging back there. How curious. As it got closer, I caught a glimpse of the license plate and immediately knew it was Laura! How exciting to see her on the road.

At the campground, the family next to us gave us some cucumbers and carrots from their garden, and some wine from the winery where the dad worked.

California coastline

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