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Day 29: Standish-Hickey State Park to Westport, CA


Day 29: Standish-Hickey State Park to Westport, CA

Miles: 36

What I rode by: the Leggett Hill

Today we tackled the notorious Leggett Hill! I actually enjoyed it. It didn’t seem that bad. Plus, we left early to avoid the heat. Our goal was to be over the top before 10AM, which was easy because our new bunch of cyclist friends get up at the crack of dawn and are on the road by 7:30AM. Two of our new friends from Australia (the “Aussies”, even though two are originally from Ireland and one is from the US) were wondering if we had seen Aussie #3 on our way up. We hadn’t and it turned out that Patrick missed the turn for Hwy 1 and continued on Hwy 101 for a while before realizing what he had done.

The descent was very chilly, cold even, and took us back down to sea level along the water. After that, we headed to my friend Laura’s parent’s beach house near Westport and hung out in the hot tub while we waited for her to arrive.

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  1. Nancy Hair permalink
    2011/08/06 12:23

    Brad and I r with u n spirit! Remember to collect some nice pieces of sea glass at fort bragg. I’m sure u can handle another 5-10 lbs! Enjoy!

  2. Nancy Hair permalink
    2011/08/06 12:35

    And… I m so proud of u two for taking on such a challenge. Go get ’em!

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