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Day 27: Fortuna to Redway, CA


Day 27: Fortuna to Redway, CA

Miles: 50

What I rode by: Scotia, Avenue of the Giants, Eel River

Our first stop of the day was in Scotia for a late morning snack. Scotia is a logging town that is about as long as the two-mile lumber yard and mill. It was originally a company town (i.e., owned by the lumber company) and may still be that way. I saw signs for a “free Scotia” for an upcoming election, so that may be changing.

We spent most of the day riding on the Avenue of the Giants. This is a smaller road that parallels Hwy 101 and takes you through some magnificent redwood groves (about 30 miles of them). There is a lot of traffic on the road but everyone drives quite slow because they are all looking at the trees.

We camped near the town of Redway in what I thought was just your average RV Park, it certainly looked that way. When checking in, the guy rattled off a list of amenities such as a meeting room, pool, hot tub, laundry, to which I proclaimed, “you have everything here”. He responded, “that’s why it’s a resort”. That also explains the price. For the most part, all we need is a shower and a place to pitch our tent at night. In Washington, we once left a $43/night RV park for a $13/night park down the street.

Scotia lumber yard

If you got our Christmas card a few years ago, we were sitting in this very tree.

We stopped at a farmer's market and bought this loaf of chocolate chip banana bread. Note fancy RV Park and Resort in background.

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  1. Patricia Smayda permalink
    2011/08/05 20:15

    Hello Lynne and Kristen! Gary gave me your ….website/blog? so have been interested in reading it. And we remember Scotia well, I made a point of taking the tour of the lumber mill while it was still in existence..maybe it is not operating now. Beautiful little town, but hard hit by the loss of lumbering. Safe traveling to you both, sounds like many adventures and many wonderful people along the way…Patty Smayda (Gary’s cousin)

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