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Day 17: Rest day and crappy pants! Newport to Waldport, OR


Day 17: Newport to Waldport, OR

Miles: 15

What I rode by: Art deco bridge

It was raining when we left the campground (South Beach State Park), so much that the Canadians even came back to put on their rain gear. Today was going to be a rest day for us but we decided to ride 15 miles to Waldport to be a little further south because Kristen’s dad was driving up from Eureka, CA to spend a few days with us. We left late, took some pictures when the sun came out, and had breves with Andrew in Waldport.

We got to Waldport very early and went to their farmer’s market (remember how much I love markets?).  After we set up camp, I put on my new pants that I had bought riding out of Astoria. Guess what, they’re crappy pants! They aren’t really pants; they’re a few inches too short (on purpose), which I don’t like. I guess in my haste in buying them, I wasn’t really paying attention. Plus, after just a few days of riding, they’re now too big! Crappy pants! (The phrase “crappy pants” goes out in homage to my friend Ann who sent her son off to school in some “year-old” pants and told him they were shorts. A girl in his class commented to him, “those aren’t shorts, those are crappy pants!”, which he repeated to his mother.)

Reason one to not get a $50 haircut before a summer-long bike trip.

Reason 2

There are a surprising number of art deco bridges here.

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  1. Faith & Mark permalink
    2011/07/24 05:55

    Following you on my map. What an adventure. Stay safe. Love, Aunt Faith & Uncle Mark

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