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Day 5: Oak Harbor to Oak Bay


Day 5: Oak Harbor to Oak Bay, WA

Miles: 35 (that includes the ferry ride)

What I rode by: ferry ride, bald eagles

We rode through peaceful neighborhoods. Kristen raced a tractor, and won! We rode the ferry to Port Townsend. Remember my famous Binners Market flag? Well, it got put to good use today. After getting off the ferry, some man came up to us and asked us if our flags came off our bikes. What an odd question. Turns out that he locked his keys in the car and he thought he could unlock it with one of our flags. One flag was too short, but somebody had electrical tape. Two flags didn’t quite cut it. But, two flags with a carbiner taped open to the end were up to the task of pulling the keys out of the ignition! The whole time this was going on, their six or so children were giving advice like: “Next time, don’t lock the keys in the car.” “Leave the widow down more so you can just reach in.” “Bring the keys with you.” Such obvious advice.

Kristen beats out the tractor at the line.

Port Townsend from the ferry with Mt. Baker in the background. I climbed that.

Two flags and one carabiner to open the car.

The whole family stands in awe of my Binners Market flag doing its magic in their car.

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  1. 2011/07/12 21:26

    LOL! Thanks for sharing your stories! I am living vicariously through your experience…and by that I mean, I am sitting on my couch every night after work wishing that I was riding my bike somewhere cool while I geek out on my computer and eat ice cream!

  2. Tammie permalink
    2011/07/22 21:27

    Yay Kristen 🙂 you showed that John Deere a thing or two… What a fun adventure

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