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Day 2 (and 3): Rest days in Bellingham


After our stressful ride out of Vancouver, we took two days off. We were going to ride on day 2 to my friend Ari’s house in Bellingham but she had to go into work early so came to pick us up at the campground instead. She whipped up some delicious quesadillas for lunch and then headed to work. We did our laundry and took naps on the deck with Hank and Rhona (the dogs) and the duck.

On Day 3, we went through all of our stuff, and with Ari’s keen sense of the necessary (from her experience in hiking the Appalachian Trail and Pacific Crest Trail) mailed 16 pounds home! We picked strawberries in the afternoon with Ari and Molly (her Mom). After picking strawberries, Kristen and I helped with some chores around the house. Molly discovered the female duck had been laying eggs under the duck house and had piled up a collection of rotten, exploding eggs. I helped out by burying the eggs in the yard. Two exploded on me, and by exploded I mean blew like Mt. St. Helens with egg goo and sulfur abound. Kristen helped out by breaking their garage door.

The tags for this post are in honor of Ari and Molly, bike angels, and derived from the term trail angels: people who help out hikers on any of the Appalachian, Pacific Crest or Continental Divide Trails.

We mailed over 16 pounds of excess home!

Ari, Lynne and Molly picking strawberries



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