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We’re on a train to Seattle for the next 30 hours. We got a sleeper compartment because of the  extended trip time. It’s a rather posh way to travel. We’re taking this train north so we can ride our bikes back home. Every hour on the train will equate to a day on our bikes.

We boarded the train five hours before sunset and in those five hours, from the right side of the train only, I saw two homeless camps and Dorothy’s Place (an amazing place with some amazing people). This is all between San Luis Obispo and Salinas, CA. Just before arriving at the Salinas train station I got to see the back of Dorothy’s Place. One can say the train tracks divide Salinas, and Dorothy’s Place is the other side of the tracks. There I was, eating dinner in the Parlour Car, straddling the tracks.

My bottle of wine reflecting in the Parlour Car window.


I'm halfway into this tunnel.

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